CONEY ISLAND: Curator: Larry Racioppo

12 November 2015 - 11 March 2016


Marc Kehoe

Norm Borden

Greg Frux

Hazel Hankin

Larry Racioppo

Don Burmeister

John Rossi

Ron Meisel

Jamel Shabazz

Brooklyn Public Library’s Brooklyn Collection  (Manager - Ivy Marvel)

CONEY ISLAND presents a look at the people, rituals and iconic architecture of Coney Island through the eyes of nine contemporary artists. The work of the seven photographers and two painters is complemented by a selection of historical photographs from the Brooklyn Public Library’s Brooklyn Collection.



For the first half of the 20th century in New York, the Brooklyn oceanfront in Coney Island was the people’s paradise. The beach, the rides, the cheap food and cool air were the quintessential antidote to the city’s hot, gritty summers, and that really has not changed. Although Coney Island’s popularity peaked in the 1940’s and has been going lazily downhill ever since, it has remained a compelling attraction for both tourists and artists. Most of the artists in this exhibit began working here in the late 1970’s and kept returning.

The everyday pleasures of Coney Island’s beaches and amusement rides, and its annual rituals - the Mermaid parade and the Tribute to the Ancestors – are captured in the 80 plus images at Valentine Museum of Art. The work in this exhibit ranges from small black and white prints to large color prints and paintings.



Special thanks to Ivy Marvel, Manager of the Brooklyn Public Library’s Brooklyn Collection.



This exhibit is dedicated to Brooklyn’s own Harold Feinstein (1931 - 2015), Coney Island lover and photographer supreme.



Curator Larry Racioppo