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Since 2013, I have called myself a “native tourist”. I’m a Brooklyn native who has the confidence of a local

and an eye of a tourist. I capture images in my daily routine freezing moments in time. My eyes are always anticipating a ‘decisive moment’ in each photograph as I capture images of people and how they uniquely inhabit the urban environment they share. The fulfillment of each narrative I choose to represent is not realized until an image has been processed and reproduced.


Through photography, I’m creating an archive of how I visualize life. These expressions which leads me to interact with many people and explore different areas. I focus on creating visuals which connects from the past and present eras of time. Whether those in my photos are familiar, or unfamiliar faces; I enjoy the experience of human interaction in all of my work. I’m constantly noticing emotions and symbols which are aesthetically pleasing. Sometimes its action shots of my subjects in motion; performing for the camera, or the quiescence of still lives/cityscapes.


I believe I’m a creator of my images. I process and reproduced visuals in multiple techniques from chemistry to paper types. I enjoyed experimenting with materials such as canvas, paper and more to push the boundaries of fine art photography. My photo projects create a patchwork representation of a complicated and expansive communities; seeking to be both timeless and specific to that era.




Christopher Cook is a New York based freelance photographer born and raised in Brooklyn. His passion for capturing memories and skateboarding led him to photography after a friend recommend that he buy the Canon AE-1, one of his very first cameras. Growing up Brooklyn’s vibrant culture helped shape Chris as an

artist. Cook’s style is infused with capturing images that seamlessly connect the past and present eras of time and his focus embodies interaction and experience. He believed in capturing lifestyle images from within his generation yet perhaps silently inquiring if any time has passed at all. Since 2013, he has captured some serendipitous moments from day to day travels, as well as some poignant and

striking scenes of everyday life. Cook has exhibited his pieces in group gallery exhibitions throughout New York, from Lower East Side to upstate Auburn. He recently had a solo pop up art exhibition in February 2020 and is currently an AIM fellow in Bronx Museum of the Arts.


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