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02/16/2016A Historical Meets Contemporary View of Coney Island’s People, Rituals, and Architecture 02/09/2016
 11/30/2015“Coney Island: Visions of an American Dreamland” comes to Brooklyn Museum 11/08/2015
m.nydailynews.com/VISIT ‘CONEY ISLAND’ AT VMOA
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Valentine Museum of Art is a private institution that celebrates working artists and their histories.


Documentation of this living history of art will include a robust catalogue raisonné, complete still- and moving-image records of the artists’ statements of inspiration and intent, and on-camera interviews in which they discuss their sensibilities, interpretations, and authentication of ideas.


The museum will diligently manage all aspects of artistic output—those commissioned by the institution itself, as well as the purchase of previously created series.


Cultural assets will remain in VMoA’s permanent collection, and be offered on loan for display to museums worldwide, including our future twelve fifty-thousand-square-foot museums in New York, the Caribbean, and Africa. VMoA will produce and distribute all merchandise affiliated with its collections including single artist monographs, coffee table books, textbooks, posters, and documentaries.


Valentine Museum of Art’s mission is to become an important cultural foundation for future generations and to provide a springboard from which its artists can propel themselves into history.

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