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plural noun: Maroons


A member of any of various communities in parts of the Caribbean who were originally descended from escaped slaves. In the 18th century Jamaican Maroons fought two wars against the British settlers, both of which ended with treaties affirming the independence of the Maroons.

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African Scream II

Ainsley Burrows

Artist statement about The Maroons series


It is an honor to present this series because everything that I have experienced in my life has

led me to this point, and I honor that. A decisive part of my personal belief system is about

rebellion; being an individual, your own person… about not being a slave to anything. Also, I

was born in Jamaica and received a vigorous formal and informal education on history and the

social sciences. The Maroons of Jamaica at their core are rebellious, freedom fighting people;

so telling our story was important and inescapable.


The Maroons are the first group of African people in the western hemisphere to have taken full

autonomy from European powers. This series is a depiction of the historical context that led to

their rise; and the hindsight perspective that reveals a direct relationship to African spirituality,

African art, modern day dissent and even their connection to modern popular culture.


In this series I am dealing with a very intense and chaotic history, full of emotion, pain and

rebellion. In addition to the brush, I use a palette knife to apply the paint, as well as pastels and

paint sticks to capture and convey this story. The knife gives me less control, but it is more

expressive and allows me to be closer to the canvas - giving the observer closer contact with my

emotional state. The use of text in my paintings came intuitively, as I am a poet by trade. With

paint sticks I’m literally writing a word – and that word becomes a thousand images.


This technique, that I call Neo-Chaos, is like putting the physicality of what I think and feel about

the subject onto the canvas. I am taking the turbulence of what I perceive mentally and

presenting it on the canvas in such a way that the interaction with the work is visceral – like

digging a hole into the canvas so someone can see what’s in the hole.


My hope is that the viewer feels an intense connection with the people and the history that I am

presenting – with what their life and experiences must have been.




Mr. Burrows is a poet and writer. He painted at various intervals in his life, and in the last five

years painting has taken on a much greater importance in his artistic expression. The Maroons

series is the embodiment of information that Mr. Burrows has gathered, mulled-over, rejected,

and accepted during his life. It is not just a work of art, it is a visual, historical document that

gives you access to another world through the lens of history combined with personal feeling.

“The way Ainsley uses paint is brave and matches his subject matter. Ainsley’s technique

requires that he uses his whole body when creating work, so his strokes are grand and full of

fevered movement. His use of color is bold and unapologetic, and the placement of the color

and his color choices are intuitive; it’s almost like the work is telling him exactly what it needs.

This series is yelling to the viewer to pay attention, to see more.”


                                                                                                              Naudline Pierre, Artist


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